Ivy Joyce is a small casual food and wine bar in Barham, Southern NSW on the Murray River. Named after our grandmothers, whom we remember fondly through food, like haricot lamb chops, preserved peaches and ice-cream, perfect Sunday roasts with Yorkshire pudding, homegrown apple and rhurbarb pies and shared boiled sweets.

We keep things simple and delicious, offering small plates to graze over and a set weekend menu to show off one or two dishes featuring mostly local produce. All washed down with great sustainable local and regional wines, craft and country favourite beers and fabulous spirits, you'll need to grab a seat and settle in. We know our grandmothers would be tickled pink to think their granddaughters teed up and named a food and wine bar after them.

We wanted to create a space where we like to go on our days off, we are Cynthia Burbury and Lauren Mathers local ladies who have been catering together as Burbury and Mathers for 6 years, prior to this both of us have a past of cooking and catering. In our spare time we are wives and mums, Cynthia is also a practitioner nurse in Barham and Lauren runs Bundarra Berkshires.  We hope you love our Ivy Joyce.